Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rose Martini

For any of you who grow roses and/or like an exceptionally special Sunday brunch, I've included the following martini recipe. True, it isn't very exact, but it can be easily adjusted for those who like less floral and more bite.

Rose Martini
(Start to finish. Those who already possess rose syrup, please scroll.)

Rose Syrup

Deflower approximately 3-5 large, heavily-scented roses. Deep crimson colored ones cook down the best; other colors will cook into brown shades. If like me you don't have access to red roses (I grow lavender roses) you can later remedy the problem with food dye.

Deflower by wrapping a soft-but-firm hand at the base of each bloom. Tighten grip slightly and pull petals away from the base. Sort through petals and discard damaged, worn or faded blooms. Trim off the white bases of all petals.

Set a few of the prettiest petals aside for garnish.

Place 1/3 of the good blooms in medium-sized pot. Cover just barely with water. Bring almost to a boil. JUST ALMOST! If you actually boil, you may lose the essential oils (scent and flavoring) of the roses. Cook down slightly, keeping at a barely-there simmer. Add 1/3 more petals; repeat; add last 1/3 and repeat again. (Just keep doing this in manageable increments if you are making a large batch.)

Now you have rose water. If you have oodles of roses, you can freeze this rose water to use in your martinis for extra flavor, or to add some sass to lemonades and teas.

In a small sauce pan, combine equal parts of rose water and table sugar. Bring almost to a boil, stirring frequently; don't allow to burn or scorch. Cook until syrupy.

Voila! Rose syrup.

Now for the cocktail.

Rose Syrup
Limoncello OR Vermouth (lends a more herbal, perhaps more "masculine," flavor)
Ice (possibly made from rose water)
Rose petals for garnish

Fill martini shaker with ice. Pour in an 8-count of vodka. Add 1-2 tbsp of rose syrup. Add generous splash of Limoncello or Vermouth. Shake, shake shake! (For 30 seconds.) Strain into martini glass. Garnish with the remaining pretty petals.


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