Monday, May 9, 2011

Okay, Let's Make It Monday...

Long story short, I was behind for my first post in this challenge. Luckily, it's just the first, so I can change the rules. Let's make the weekly poem post come on Mondays instead of the end of the weekends. Sounds good.

Prompt one for my challenge was a poem called "Hero Worship"  by Amy Lowell. I stayed with the same format and theme, just a variation, for my still needs quite a bit of work.

Sonnet # 20 (?)

Your Face on the News

Your face was on the news the other night.
You spoke of heroes, and you spoke of truth
but did not mention once yourself. In light
of this omission I recalled our youth
together, of the bus from project grad—
your words of the future— going to war
me to school. While I was away, you had
looked for my parents; the tornado tore
around them. You’d rescued them, pulled them loose
from all sorts of sorrows unknown to me.
Because you are a hero.  It’s not news,
my long friend. It’s something the world can see.
My friend, my guardian, my own true hero;
I’m so thankful for you; this you must know.

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