Monday, May 23, 2011

Beginning of General Purpose Writing Prompts

I did away with the "Writing Prompts" page so that I could throw them in at random via posts. Below are the remnants from that now deleted page; for future general purpose writing prompts, click the label in the top left margin. Happy writing, everyone!

***Disclaimer: The following may be direct quotes, butchered paraphrases, or something altogether different. I mean no copyright infringement in any way and will do my best to cite sources.
Life in every breath. (Last Samurai)

The world is a very old place. Study the myths; these have survived because they've showed millions the truth of the human condition.  (Some author's mentor ... I don't remember the name. Sorry!)

Snoring is part of a universal language.  (Autobiography of Malcolm X)

I wanted to write about people with real gumption. (Margaret Mitchell)

When the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, does the caterpillar no longer live? Does it cease to exist? (Bones)

By passion the world is bound, by
passion too it is released.  (a Tantra)

Listen to the sound of the sun as it oscillates energy from the surface, then inward and back out.  Visit for some amazing audio clips. In some ways it reminds me of brown noise.

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