Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What do YOU remember?

There is a member of my family who is very near a century old. Whenever we get to talking, I'm reminded of how much a person must witness over the course of such a long lifetime...the automobile,WW1, Flappers, The Great Depression, WW2 , HUAC, the social revolutions of the 60's, the drugs of the 70's, the hair of the 80's, etc. Such a lot of incredible things.

But even over the course of the 20-some-odd years I've been around, there were some really historic world events occurring. Who knows what's going to happen in the next 80-some-odd years... What do you remember?

Here's my list, beginning not with my birth, but rather when I started paying attention *laugh*. Please keep in mind this is certainly not a comprehensive list...

I think I have the years right; let me know if I'm mis-remembering. 

1989 Berlin wall comes down; Exon Valdez oil spill

1991 Desert Storm; Somali Civil War

1992 Rodney King riots; Official end of USSR & Cold War, Hurricane Andrew

1993 Flood of ‘93

1994 O.J. Simpson arrested; Rwandan Genocide

1995 Oklahoma City bombing

1996 Mad Cow Disease begins in Britain; Unabomber arrested; Internet gets big

1997 Hong Kong “returned” to China by Britain; Death of Princess Di; Heaven's Gate mass suicide

1998 Impeachment of President Clinton; India and Pakistan fire nukes back and forth

1999 Y2K paranoia; Adoption of the Euro; Columbine massacre

2000 Microsoft forced to split by government; Elian Gonzales international incident; Presidential election mess in Florida; Human Genome Project

2001 Sept 11 attacks; War on Terrorism begins;  Dennis Tito goes to space as a tourist

2002 West Bank Fence begins; Failed coup d’├ętat in Venezuela

2003 US declares war on Iraq; War in Darfur; Human Genome Project completed;  SARS epidemic

2004 Madrid bombings;  Earthquake and tsunami in southeast Asia; Riots at Pres. Bush’s second presidential election victory

2005 London bombings; Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Rita

2006 Mexican War on Drugs begins;  Pluto declared to be dwarf planet; Bird Flu epidemic strikes; Saddam Hussein executed

2007 Hamas takes control of Gaza Strip; Benazir Bhutto assassinated; Global financial crisis begins; Virginia Tech massacre

2008 Mexico drug wars start looking like wild west; 700 billion dollar bailout of US banks; Somali pirates make waves in news; Castro resigns;  First black US president elected

2009 H1NI, or Swine Flu epidemic strikes; Russia cuts off oil supply to Europe; Pres. Barack Obama sworn-in; Israel withdraws from Gaza Strip; North Korea tests nukes; UN Global Climate Change Summit

2010 Riots in Athens; Earthquake in Haiti; Mexican drug wars escalate; Iceland volcano erupts; BP Oil Spill; Pakistan Floods; US war with Iraq ends; WikiLeaks goes for the kill

2011 Earthquake and tsunami in Japan; Japan nuclear crisis; Peaceful overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt; Riots spread throughout north African and Middle Eastern countries; Libyan Civil War begins; Osama Bin Ladin killed

Anyone? Bueller? Beuller? Bueller?

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  1. Interesting idea, but I think my list would be pretty short LOL