Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Teaser 11

*Drum roll please*

This weekend, what with the holiday festivities and family togetherness, found me grabbing a good ol' standby author, Tolkien. But no, not The Hobbit, or LOTR even, but  a fantastic garage sale find, The Tolkien Reader.  It's a mix of the lesser known short fiction and essays--love!

The following is an exerpt of "Leaf by Niggle," a lovely story written in the midst of developing LOTR. Niggle is a suspiciously hobbit-like fellow--a painter. And this is the story of Niggle and a special tree. lol. 

"As he walked away, he discovered an odd thing: the Forest, of course, was a distant Forest, yet he could approach it, even enter it, without losing that particular charm. He had never before been able to walk into the distance without turning it into mere surroundings."

My random page exerpt simply doesn't do it justice. It reads very much like The Hobbit, and yet not at all.

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