Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Poetry Challenge Prompt 1

Weekly Poetry Challenge
Prompt 1

 Alrighty, then!
Today begins the Weekly Poetry Prompt Challenge. Every Wednesday I'll post a prompt, on whatever subject, that I and any joiners will use to craft a poem. These poems are to be finished by the following weekend, so that I may post the said poem[s] some time during Sunday.
 Ready? Okay then. Thus, it begins.
Below is a poem by Amy Lowell. Tie your poems in some way, big or small, to the poem below. (Remember to cite, should you choose to do a found poem!) Or you can say to heck with this prompt and write your own. Anyone game? Here's the poem:

Hero-Worship by Amy Lowell
A face seen passing in a crowded street,
A voice heard singing music, large and free;
And from that moment life is changed, and we
Become of more heroic temper, meet
To freely ask and give, a man complete
Radiant because of faith, we dare to be
What Nature meant us. Brave idolatry
Which can conceive a hero! No deceit,
No knowledge taught by unrelenting years,
Can quench this fierce, untamable desire.
We know that what we long for once achieved
Will cease to satisfy. Be still our fears;
If what we worship fail us, still the fire
Burns on, and it is much to have believed.

Have fun!
P.S. ---->Oh, and let me know by comments or email if you're joining this challenge so I can link back to you!
P.P.S---> I'm  still trying to think of a decent "name" for this challenge....hint,


  1. Hey Jes ~~ well done !! You've started the poetry challenge ...
    I'm tempted to give it a go , but as I told you , my poetry is rotten & rusty ... I think the last poem I wrote was in high school LOL !! That's many, many moons ago !!

  2. I'm so glad!

    And no worries, this is all to work on our writing, after all. I look forward to reading yours!