Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Not So Straight Forward


It’s Not So Straight Forward

We live so there shall be
in all things.

The purple clover pops
through the crops
embroidered into the field.

                                                                                       A once-good man pulls his meth
                                                                                       from a hollow Bible, tempting death
                                                                                      and penning sermons for his flock.

On clear nights, the pale smears
of other galaxies appear;
celestial mists in the heavens. 

                                                                                      A young girl in Britain,
                                                                                      a Goth, was beaten
                                                                                      for it and died. Did you know?

                                                                   The tangible horrors of the Vernichtungslager
               or the lift of a note in the music of Ladurner
                                                                  a woman whose sexual history is muddled
                              just a drop of rain in a puddle
                                                              the radiation leaks
                                             the dog found after being at sea for weeks
bloody revolutions
peaceful resolutions
even puffy parkas in snow

You know.  We live—
there is beauty in

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