Friday, April 29, 2011

One Mistake


One Mistake and You’re Back
I have been busy this year. The garden
stretches clear around
the back.

Radishes, carrots,
cucumbers and garlic, tomatoes,
potatoes, beans and basil,
rosemary, lavender, bolting cilantro,
a hybrid tea rose, lilies, flags
and peonies—
so many things, all
in the race to grow.

Winter was heavy, full
of sleep-inducing snow,
and then the flow of the melt
combined with spring rains
left everything soggy and cold.

Two days of ninety degrees!
The flowers, at least, began
to feel bold.

So eager they were, that when
the heat broke they
almost choked in their hurry
to die back.

Now the ground warms slow;
so does all the garden. Fool me once;
fool me twice.

But the sun shines
and we grow
to reach the sky.

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