Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't Worry, I'm Not Writing This for You


One week done, hooray!

Today's poem came out very, very bitter. *laugh* My, my. So yes, today's writing is a bit, errm, well, angry. For those to whom it matters, there is cursing, but I "bleeped"  the two references with asterisks. I should probably also clarify that this poem is not written directly at anyone from my past in particular, but rather a summation, perhaps, of the general feelings at the end of any messy relationship. Dear lord, I hope none of my exes read this...*nervously looking over my shoulder*  Lol. Technically, it should be Sonnet # 19  but the meter is currently all over the place, so I'm not qualifying it as one yet.

Anyway, here's my kiss-my-grits poem for NAPOWRIMO Day 7.

Don’t Worry, I’m Not Writing This For You or Me

Who gives a f**k about what once was you
and I? Who cares to read these words and doubt
their rhetoric as something that’s untrue?
Why, who shall read my account and then tout,
“But, I saw them meet; I did watch them fall
into a sweet, sweet love, which neared worship.”
Who saw the angry Sunday mornings, saw
the pointed failures or the hateful trips
to God knows where? Oh, let those few read this
for they’ll roll their eyes in rightful despair—
and as to me, they’ll know that I’m still pissed
enough to write of our torrid affair.
                Who gives a f**k? Who cares? Who reads these words!?
                I’ll tell you who does; all your future girls.

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