Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Teaser 5

I have an awful secret. Would you like me to tell you? *sigh* Alright. I can see that I must. But you, distant, possibly nonexistant but nevertheless dear reader, must do something in return: You must never tell. You must carry it to your distant grave.


How about now??


Okay. Here goes: I am a re-reader.  I do this all the time. Today, did I turn to any one of the books on my reading list? Did I go to the library and pick up those volumes I decided I wanted yesterday? No.

Instead, I got sidetracked during what was a somewhat productive writing section, seduced into the wacky and wonderous world of Anne of Green Gables. *sheepish face* There. I admit it.

Anyway, today's teaser is from a discussion between an exasperated Marilla and distraught Anne, because, well, the cake Anne baked for the new minister and his lovely wife is... a bit surprising. Much better, I suppose, than the plum-pudding-with-the-dead-mouse incident. If you haven't read the Anne stories, I highly recommend them. *laugh*

""Mercy on us, Anne, you've flavored that cake with anodyne liniment!" (Marilla)

"Oh, Marilla, if you have a spark of Christian pity don't tell me that I must go down and wash the dishes after this." (Anne) 


  1. Hey Jes ~ are you by any chance , referring to the same Anne from Anne of Green Gables series ?


  2. Yes, you're right. I mistyped--going to fix now.

    I still love those books *sigh*.

  3. I can remember reading the entire series as a 12 ? 13 ? 14 ? year old ... not sure ... what amazing stories ... gosh , but that was aeons ago ...


  4. I know, me too--I think the movie must have came out when I was a kid because I read them all in a row and loved every minute. Like getting a little package of those powdered sugar doughnuts, all lined up. Can't ever stop after just one. lol.

    When I found it the other day I ended up reading the whole thing. *happy, guilty sigh*