Friday, April 1, 2011


***whistling the tune of "Oh, By Gosh, By Golly"***

I felt like I was forgetting something today, and so I was---no, not to superglue someone's behind to a chair in honor of April Fools. Alas, for yours truly, that train has sailed (as Austin Powers would say). So what was I forgetting?

National Poetry Writing Month, of course!

NAPOWRIMO is an extension of NANOWRIMO. Now I've never participated in that particularly novel November feat (like my play on words? tee he he)--I've only done the 3-Day Novel contest. Some day, perhaps when I feel I have a better grasp of fiction, I will do the NAPOWRIMO. Who knows, maybe this year.

Incidentally, I definitely recommend the 3-Day Novel contest. Yes, it is terrifying and bewildering, and yes, I spent the longest time preparing for the 3-Day, only to years later end up scrapping that p.o.s. novel, lol, but it is not just terrifying and bewildering (and insurmountable, and grueling, and demanding,, it is also, above all else, wildly rewarding. So, I expect, will this NAPOWRIMO challenge be. 

The details? I think there are a number of ways to participate, but the one I'm doing (see this link: ) requires you write a poem every day and post it.

Talk about serendipitous. Wasn't I just blathering the other day that I need to write more poetry, and then of course I didn't? Well, here is my swift kick in the you-know-what.

Below you will find my fresh-from-the-pen (*cough* or keyboard!) poem of the day, a haiku. I love the austere, delicate brevity of Japanese poetry enough to make me want to learn the language--I fear English doesn't work exceptionally well with such a structure, but it's fun to try. And besides, by gollies, I need to stretch my mental poetry muscles more often; this was like trying to ride the proverbial bike again, without any legs. *sigh* Oh well, here's to NAPOWRIMO. Enjoy!

Bobcat Hunting

Doe rests in dawn fog
while large paws stalk across damp clay:
quiet breaths; bloodied grass.

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