Thursday, December 1, 2011

News! Hot off the, errm, keyboard!

As if the early winter months weren't busy enough, I had to run off and attempt NANOWRIMO. Did I win? Yup, 52K or so. Did I complete the novel? Nope. Let's be honest here--how many novels are actually 50K words? What can I say, I'm a longwinded kind of gal.  I've got about 100K to go, I think. Give or take.

But before I get onto a whole tangent about that, I have more news.

You see, my subconscious must have thought that my early winter months, even with NANO thown in, would not be hectic enough. So I tossed in a job application.  You know, in case I got bored with the whole novel-in-a-month-plus-random-family-dropping-by-for-the-holidays thing. lol.

Long story short, I may be moving. Soon. Like, this weekend  (at the earliest) or next weekend (at the latest) soon.Whew! --That's very soon indeed! I should find out any day now, and if I disappear for a while, that's probably why.

So, what about you folks? Those of you who NANOed, how did it go? Everyone's holidays shaping up nice and neat?


  1. Wow, that move sounds interesting! Though I'm not sure where you'll be moving to, how far, etc?? Congrats on your NaNo win! I'm not done with mine either, but did win as well :)

  2. I'll be moving about, hrmmm, say...1500 miles? (Give or take a few hundred!) I'll be living in the mountains, which I am ridiculously beside myself about. lol. I still can't believe you wrote two in one month, you crazy writing wonder!