Monday, December 5, 2011

Going to Colorado, Colorado here I come...

That was to the tune of "Going to Kansas City, Here I Come,"  in case you couldn't follow my mental humming. So yes, I'm moving! Right now! Right this very second!

Actually, this very second I'm sitting in a surprisingly friendly-but-dingey convenience store in Omaha  (complete with its own friendly neighborhood creeper, lol ) while I wait for the library to open. Then, uhm, what, twelve hours later or so, I'll be moving again. Via train. I haven't been on a train since I was eight, can you believe it? To Colorado! To the Rockies! Yay!

Never lived in the mountains before, but should be fun. I'm a snow freak. Bugs the crap out of everyone back home. I love, love, love snow. Love snow. LOVE SNOW!

Anywhosers, the majority of my trip will be taking place during the dark, but I'll try and snap some pics when dawn hits; I should be just getting to see the mountains about that time. Unless, of course, I run into any delays; I've already had a minor one. Not that it was any big deal; I'm not exactly in a rush, what with my whole umpteen-hour layover and all.

So, any of you been to Omaha? Is the library good? I hope so; it's an uphill walk from here, in 7 degree weather with snow-and-ice crusted sidewalks, and me lugging all my worldy whatsists in three incredibly heavy bag. Yeah. If any on you readers happen to be in Omaha today, I'll be the bleary eyed girl all bundled up and dragging three giant bags up a hill, trying to figure out if there could possibly be a way to sip that coffee I have pinned between my lips, hanging only by the little styrofoam lip, en route. 'Cuz I'm still not sure it's impossible, and it's certainly worth a try, right?

P.S. My toes are cold :)


  1. Never been to Omaha (Miami's the furthest I've got in the States), but I'm sure all libraries are worth exploring. Hope you managed to get there OK. What was the job you moved for? I hope everything goes well.

    BTW, if you love snow, you would love Scotland just now! It just hit us today.

  2. I got there okay but couldn't explore; too much stuff to fit through the library stacks and I couldn't leave my things sitting unattended. *sad face*

    The job shall be a ski lodge; a work-and-play opportunity, shall we say, and time for writing!

    Lucky duck about the snow; I think the entire time I'll be travelling I'll be skirting snow storm[s], so that I see the delays, but very little of the snow. I bet Scotland is beautiful with snow (and most likely without!)...

  3. Never been, but I hope you enjoy it!