Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Fave: Train Rides!

Some times I happen across a thing so obviously fantastic that I have a hard time reconciling the reality of life with my newfound love. So it is with me and trains.  Who knew?!

The last time I took a train ride, I was, at best guess, a whopping eight sound years' old. Don't remember a single moment of it. Always time for a second chance, right?  So, due to the unusual timing issues, I ended up booking a train ride this last week for my westward move. Did I get stuck next to a crazy? Ermmm, yes. For a couple hours (not bad, considering the length of the trip). This is apparently not a problem particular to airports and creepy bus stations of the sticks. lol. BUT  I had the luxury of movement. Of leaning my two seats backward and stretching out like I was on a bed. And this was coach?! Again, who knew?!

Then there was the view:

Remind me again why I take airplanes everywhere?

Oh yeah, they're quick. And ... and ... and ... .

I can't think of any other single decent reason.  Very, very, very long story short: Train riding is my new favorite thing!


  1. Gosh I miss landscapes like that! I don't have any near me :(

  2. Whoa, I literally just posted this and was checking the link, lol. You're like lightning!

    I think I could get used to it very quickly, lol. Did you used to live or work in the mountains, I guess?

  3. This video is making me crave that scenery and snow! I think I need to go on some train rides of my own soon ;) Trisha I am near scenery like that, but I have yet to take real advantage of it! How pathetic is that.

  4. Hey Jes... a holiday move or permanent move?
    I remember when we were young, my mom made it a point of taking us on a train ride at least once a year... aaah, those were the days!