Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Scribblings in Nebraska

Warning: the following is unedited and the result of...35 sleepless hours and counting. Hence the ... . 'Cuz I had to count. lol. Oh, and coffee; the following is the result of 35 sleepless hours [and counting] and coffee. And yes, I did make up my own word. So there. 

Oh Snide, Bitter Omaha, How Inspiring. Is This Tongue in Cheek?

Oh Omaha how I hate you but
your sidewalks are dusted
in snow and ice
and it makes me smile and
it makes my nose run and
it makes me write

Oh for the snow gray grown black winter
you that are so white once you dust
down it doesn’t seem right our grime
and our dirt
there it is
where are you

I am one woman in this snide wide city and
my own snidity is naked to one and all oh how
you bluster around me
bluster and fall
one and all
you buildings you
Nothing is nothing
that is all

Bitter cold bite and blowing through the
door why do you make me so bold
and so fearful
of nothing Is nothing

Change that music yeah find a
new station I’m on my way
to Amtrak and I
like blues too

Red bicycle framed upon the wall
your wheels don’t roll but you’re up
nice and tall decorating corn bound downtown
coffee shop loft walls
that must be the best heaven for bicycles

I have decided that I shall not
decide why America is wondrous or horrid
keep your opinions to yourself
nothing is Nothing


  1. Snidity...if that isn't a word, it should be.

  2. You SO need a nap. And yet I loved your poem. hehe

  3. OH yeah, did I ever. lol. It was stinkin' awful. I fear you can tell the lack of sleep. And the mood. LOL.