Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wolves just love to eat babies... I was reading a newspaper article the other day concerning the reintroduction of different wolves around the States, and I just...*shakes head*...don't quite know what to do with people sometimes.


Having spent a great deal of time in Yellowstone no doubt influenced my views on this subject, but it's not like I grew up in an area with wolves, so they were a big bad scary thing only to be found in fairy tales. They're completely non-existent where I lived as a kid, and yet I remember being excited about the prospect of wolf reintroduction back in the 90s, even if it was thousands of miles away. (Why? Cuz it's cool!)

We humans are not predatory enough to manage ecosystems all on our lonesome. Despite hunting season, about the most predatory we get as a culture are those crazy women who do know, the dreaded great white grocery hunter.

That being said, certain ecosystems need large predators, like wolves, to keep things in line.  For humans, there's more to fear from the naturally territorial and therefore easily pissed off moose than there is from a skittish little wolf pack. Believe me. 

But errm...yeah...not everyone agrees with this. It's a big deal out west (western United States, I mean). In fact, I'm probably irritating a lot of people by my little introduction here. Oh well, I had to introduce the following somehow:

In 2007, a politician actually informed the public that there's nothing wolves like better than the sound of laughing and crying babies, and thus wolves with jump through windows and become baby-snatchers to gobble them up.

Yeeeah....uh... I'm paraphrasing of course, but not by much. A politician actually claimed this in 2007. Can you believe it! Not 1807, not 1907...2007. Get real.

So my next story kind of spins off from that...stay tuned!

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