Friday, December 23, 2011

WIP TCE 51--Opposite

Back to writing my Chrysalis stories! Hooray! Warning:  Contains heavy cursing and mild adult content.

This is going to be something completely different, yet again. Hope I can capture what it is I'm going for. Been doing a lot of people watching lately (don't worry, no one in particular!). Hmm...

Title still tentative.


Shawn Mullins was a very nervous, shy young man. He chewed his fingernails, but when he did so he hid them furtively, so as to throw people off his track. When he went to bed at night, he set three alarms, because he feared he would not wake up in time, and when his friends came over he unplugged the extras. Crossing a road was a production; he spent so long twining his thick neck back and forth, all the while pretending to be fixing his hair under his hipster hat--so as to look some form of debonair--that a good five solid minutes would pass before he stepped off one curb and onto the pavement. That sort of thing; you understand. But what is really remarkable about Shawn Mullins is that he had no idea he himself was a nervous, shy young man. In his own mind, Shawn thought himself, as he would say, the fer-shizzle. The truth is that Shawn had spent so long convincing everyone in the world that he was outgoing, fun, hip, or whatever other descriptive word he liked to use, that he had finally succeeded in convincing himself. Jack of all trades; anaconda for the ladies; gift to the world in general.

It is men like these that give women the most trouble.

After spending a few years working in his hometown’s local hardware store, Shawn decided it was time to go be cool elsewhere. He had “outgrown” his town. Big fish; small pond. We all know what this means: he feared, deep down, that his peers were onto him. And nobody likes to have their self-perception broken down by rumours and rumblings. So he picked up and moved to Wyoming to work in a dude ranch, because he just knew it would fit his rugged, cool-guy personality better than working in a hardware store in Charlton, Tennessee. And when he arrived at the ranch, along with his eleven pieces of luggage (full of striped scarves and hipster hats—because he must be perceived as not only warm, but interesting), he saw her and he knew that he had to give her even more trouble than even the most troubled woman has ever endured, because she was the one for him.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Teaser

Ack! Surprise of all surprises, I got behind! Here's Tuesday's Teaser for you; a nice classy winter selection:

"What is natural in me is natural in many other men, I infer, and so I am not afraid to write that I never had loved Steerforth better than when the ties that bound me to him were broken. In the keen distress of the discovery of his unworthiness, I thought more of all that was brillliant and good in him." --David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens

Viola! Happy holiday reading, everyone!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Fave: Train Rides!

Some times I happen across a thing so obviously fantastic that I have a hard time reconciling the reality of life with my newfound love. So it is with me and trains.  Who knew?!

The last time I took a train ride, I was, at best guess, a whopping eight sound years' old. Don't remember a single moment of it. Always time for a second chance, right?  So, due to the unusual timing issues, I ended up booking a train ride this last week for my westward move. Did I get stuck next to a crazy? Ermmm, yes. For a couple hours (not bad, considering the length of the trip). This is apparently not a problem particular to airports and creepy bus stations of the sticks. lol. BUT  I had the luxury of movement. Of leaning my two seats backward and stretching out like I was on a bed. And this was coach?! Again, who knew?!

Then there was the view:

Remind me again why I take airplanes everywhere?

Oh yeah, they're quick. And ... and ... and ... .

I can't think of any other single decent reason.  Very, very, very long story short: Train riding is my new favorite thing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Arrived Alive!

This is at the very edge of the Front Range. Look at me,
tossing out the lingo!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Scribblings in Nebraska

Warning: the following is unedited and the result of...35 sleepless hours and counting. Hence the ... . 'Cuz I had to count. lol. Oh, and coffee; the following is the result of 35 sleepless hours [and counting] and coffee. And yes, I did make up my own word. So there. 

Oh Snide, Bitter Omaha, How Inspiring. Is This Tongue in Cheek?

Oh Omaha how I hate you but
your sidewalks are dusted
in snow and ice
and it makes me smile and
it makes my nose run and
it makes me write

Oh for the snow gray grown black winter
you that are so white once you dust
down it doesn’t seem right our grime
and our dirt
there it is
where are you

I am one woman in this snide wide city and
my own snidity is naked to one and all oh how
you bluster around me
bluster and fall
one and all
you buildings you
Nothing is nothing
that is all

Bitter cold bite and blowing through the
door why do you make me so bold
and so fearful
of nothing Is nothing

Change that music yeah find a
new station I’m on my way
to Amtrak and I
like blues too

Red bicycle framed upon the wall
your wheels don’t roll but you’re up
nice and tall decorating corn bound downtown
coffee shop loft walls
that must be the best heaven for bicycles

I have decided that I shall not
decide why America is wondrous or horrid
keep your opinions to yourself
nothing is Nothing

Going to Colorado, Colorado here I come...

That was to the tune of "Going to Kansas City, Here I Come,"  in case you couldn't follow my mental humming. So yes, I'm moving! Right now! Right this very second!

Actually, this very second I'm sitting in a surprisingly friendly-but-dingey convenience store in Omaha  (complete with its own friendly neighborhood creeper, lol ) while I wait for the library to open. Then, uhm, what, twelve hours later or so, I'll be moving again. Via train. I haven't been on a train since I was eight, can you believe it? To Colorado! To the Rockies! Yay!

Never lived in the mountains before, but should be fun. I'm a snow freak. Bugs the crap out of everyone back home. I love, love, love snow. Love snow. LOVE SNOW!

Anywhosers, the majority of my trip will be taking place during the dark, but I'll try and snap some pics when dawn hits; I should be just getting to see the mountains about that time. Unless, of course, I run into any delays; I've already had a minor one. Not that it was any big deal; I'm not exactly in a rush, what with my whole umpteen-hour layover and all.

So, any of you been to Omaha? Is the library good? I hope so; it's an uphill walk from here, in 7 degree weather with snow-and-ice crusted sidewalks, and me lugging all my worldy whatsists in three incredibly heavy bag. Yeah. If any on you readers happen to be in Omaha today, I'll be the bleary eyed girl all bundled up and dragging three giant bags up a hill, trying to figure out if there could possibly be a way to sip that coffee I have pinned between my lips, hanging only by the little styrofoam lip, en route. 'Cuz I'm still not sure it's impossible, and it's certainly worth a try, right?

P.S. My toes are cold :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

News! Hot off the, errm, keyboard!

As if the early winter months weren't busy enough, I had to run off and attempt NANOWRIMO. Did I win? Yup, 52K or so. Did I complete the novel? Nope. Let's be honest here--how many novels are actually 50K words? What can I say, I'm a longwinded kind of gal.  I've got about 100K to go, I think. Give or take.

But before I get onto a whole tangent about that, I have more news.

You see, my subconscious must have thought that my early winter months, even with NANO thown in, would not be hectic enough. So I tossed in a job application.  You know, in case I got bored with the whole novel-in-a-month-plus-random-family-dropping-by-for-the-holidays thing. lol.

Long story short, I may be moving. Soon. Like, this weekend  (at the earliest) or next weekend (at the latest) soon.Whew! --That's very soon indeed! I should find out any day now, and if I disappear for a while, that's probably why.

So, what about you folks? Those of you who NANOed, how did it go? Everyone's holidays shaping up nice and neat?