Monday, August 1, 2011

A Possibly Great Idea

Writing a Novel, Day-by-Day ... Just Not My Own!

I am withdrawing that Weekly Poetry Challenge, for which I only completed one or two pieces, and am switching all my gears to entirely fiction-oriented work. But I think I've got a decent working idea of a challenge that will actually help me with that fiction writing, without taking up too much of my  *creative* energy while I'm planning my NANOWRIMO piece.

It's pretty straightforward; I got the idea from the Spacejock guy's website (the ywriter5 dude). What I'm going to do is rewrite, word for word, one of my favorite novels. Every day I will sit down, meet my allotted word count, and then do a short weekly review of what I've learned, which I'll post here each Monday. I won't have to mess with the...messy, err lol, details of novel development. My thinking is that it will be like copying notes from a teacher's blackboard; I'll get a lot out of the act of just rewriting what's already there. If at project's close I think it was a worthwhile endeavor, I'll do another novel in the same manner. If it turns out to a be a stupid waste of time, I will assuredly write up a heated rant on here. lol.

Sound good? Anyone want to join? Since it's the first of the month, today's as good of a day to begin as any!

Here's my info:

Novel: The Song of the Lark
Daily Quota: 4,000 words
Weekly Recap Quota: 500-1,000 words


  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds absolutely brilliant! I may just have to join you on that. I'm trying to rewrite a novel already, but also rewriting one that's already genius won't hurt anyone, right? ;) I'll have to try it for a few days and let you know how it goes!

  2. I finished my 4,000 earlier; I do think I learned a fair amount. Since I was just retyping my brain got to do some actual thinking about, oh, you know, phrases and character dynamics and whatnot. Of course, this was just the

    How are your four novels going? I'll have to pop over to your site in a moment (no internet over the weekend)