Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog Campaign!

Aww, yeeeah. Just joined. *laugh*

The Platform Building Campaign is this fantabulous idea aimed at helping like-minded writers mix and mingle and migrate. But don't take my word for it, read about it here:

It's arranged into genre listings, and you can even pick more than one, I think. I chose the Short Story Writers Listing, and can't wait to get started. All the Campaigners I meet, I shall link to in the right hand margin of the page--it will be a work in progress (haven't even set it up yet, but will shortly), and I can't wait to get to everybody's pages!

I'm sure it's going to be a lot of work, and a lot of fun! The campaign runs all the way to Halloween, and you can sign onto a list until the end of this month. Then there will be three upcoming challenges... I've no idea what I've gotten myself into! Thanks to TCEer's Trisha and Madeline (see side bar for links), I've felt the need to become more involved. Darn you!--And thanks for the idea, which I promptly stole...


  1. YAY, glad you're on board!! I am too!

  2. I saw! It'll be fun meeting new writers.

  3. Fellow campaigner here in the short stories group and new follower. Stopping by to say hello. Looking forward to stopping back throughout the campaign.

  4. Hello there Jes! Welcome to the campaign! You'll be glad! I like your list of e-sites. I'm thinking of self=-publishing my own soon if I ever stop blogging long enough!


  5. Hi again Jes. I don't think you followed me?? Are you going to? Or did you just forget when you commented. I do that.

  6. hi - thanks for dropping by my blog - apologies for being away - I was on the last campaign and it is very good fun - you'll enjoy it I'm sure