Thursday, June 2, 2011

What to do, what to do

I find myself despicably excited for NANOWRIMO. It's just five months away! Ahh.

And I'm horribly unprepared. But I'm going to use this blog as a sounding board. Backstory info: I myself like really character-driven stories, and don't think I'm ready to do anything too experimental on this level. Ok.  Ready? Here's some of what I'm considering:

  • A Princess Bride-esque tale, complete with ogres, rat kings, castles and the like. And lots of bad guys. Maybe some pirates and ninjas; I don't know. I don't know if we'll have enough time. It would follow the hero's journey, only the main character would be a girl. Probably a princess, but maybe an assassin. Hmm...
  • A Midwestern gothic, modern day, or at least fairly modern day. 20th century. Terribly flawed characters. Guess that would make it a romance, which I'm a little squeamish about writing...
  • Something based on an allegory or spiritual person of some sort. Think Greek epics, Bible, and Buddha here.
  • A "serious" look at how modern Americans identify themselves, in class, region, ethnicity and personal identity. Again, based in Midwest.
  • The if-marriage-could-be-distopic-and-humorous idea. A female main character kidnaps a man, rapes him and keeps him hidden away (at the beginning), declaring herself married. After numerous funny and predictable escape attempts and numerous not-so-funny enslavement scenes, the two really do fall in love. Set in modern western culture. Female main character first appears to be crazy as a coon, but later reader identifies with her (as does kidnapee) and her tactic, and even admires her and her relationship with kidnapped man.

Those are the ones which look most promising; I've got some other REALLY random ideas even more half-baked than these.

Opinions? Votes? I almost wish I could make this like American Idol, lol. Then, if I don't like the final product, I could say "Well, I didn't vote for it."



  1. I vote for the first one. You can't go wrong with Princess Bride-esque rat kings, pirates, and ninjas. :P

  2. I'm actually leaning towards that one; I think it'd be the most fun to write. I believe I saw Trisha mention a plot-planning thing for July, so I'm going to decide by then. Will you be doing NANOWRIMO again?