Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fave 2

It's summer, and that means some of the coolest reptiles are out and about. My favorite? The blue tailed skink. Here's a photo, courtesy of :

Isn't he adorable? They're fast as lightning when they're young like this; eventually they get a bit of orangey-red under the chin, and don't look so very sleek. Seem pretty shy, but I catch them running down the sidewalk all the time. They certainly don't attack humans like some of their more bulky relatives do. When I was little I was sure these would make a great pet, lol.


  1. He looks very cute (unlike some of his bulky relatives who are scary ...)
    Is the Komodo dragon a relative ?

  2. Technically--but he'd be the one at the reunion that everyone avoids. Lol.