Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Hooked...

...on this new breakfast concoction. And wonder of all wonders, it's healthy! Go figure.

Fruit-and-Grain Breakfast

Difficulty: Easy peasy

Prep time: 30 seconds


1 banana
3/4-ish tbsp brown sugar
1-2 tbsp ground brown flax meal

Slice banana approximately 1/2 inch. Place in bowl, cover with brown sugar and flax. Stir gently until the fruit pieces are coated.

That was hard, wasn't it??! I don't like making complicated breakfasts (eating them is another story!), so this is ideal for people like me, and the flax makes it very filling (like oatmeal-type-filling; you can almost feel it expanding in your tummy). Plus it's heart-healthy and hair-healthy. Yes, I have a vain streak. Lol.

This should work for any fairly-soft fruit that isn't citrus (say kiwi, plum, peach, etc.); the flax tastes  like a combination of fruit-pie pie crust and granola when you mix it with brown sugar. Delicious!

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