Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shame on me

The camping trip went well, despite the iffy wifi and my sunburn, only now I'm soo behind! Of course, I must admit that my being behind has nothing to do with wifi, because I could have typed just fine, and posted as soon as I arrived home...but I didn't. Lol. *shamefaced*

So I shall double up on my JUNOWRIMO novel. I never did write for last week's TCE prompt and I feel terrible! I'll see if I can squeeze that in tonight or in the morning, when I write the other. I finished my project ahead of schedule (I don't get behind if I'm being paid, ha), so I should have time, right? Right? Right? LOL.

So...back to schedule. Coming tomorrow: Friday Faves and a TCE story or two (Friday or Saturday), and sometime over the weekend I'll probably throw in a JUNOWRIMO chapter.

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