Thursday, April 19, 2012

Travels: San Francisco!

Hey everyone! A to Z Challenge aside (which I'm horribly behind on anyhow), I'll soon be traveling...

to San Francisco!

Any of you near or around there? Let's have coffee (or tea) and annoy the poor baristas with how long we sit and chat and type, lol.

To continue, I hope to be able to time and do:

Pier 39 predawn for the seals.
Coit Tower
That one really long walk down from Coit Tower
City Lights bookstore
Lots of coffee and tea stops
Maybe hit a show (music) or something
Beach trail (can't remember the name)
Ballet studios (for research)
Library (for fun)
Trolley car rides (of course)
Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Bridge

Ummm...any recommendations, those of you who live there or have been there frequently?

Directly following that I'll be heading to Montana--Bozeman to be exact. From there it's south to Yellowstone for the summer. But that's to live and work and play, not to vacation.

That being said, as sporadic as my posting has been of late, it's bound to get even worse. The coming week will likely be a flurry of packing and travel arrangements...but I want to try and post every day of my trip, right up until I no longer have WIFI.

That's all for now; I'm off to the post office for shipping boxes! Yayy! (That "yayy" was semi-sarcastic, mind you.)


  1. Alas, I'm nowhere near San Francisco, and my knowledge of that city comes entirely from TV shows. I understand Starfleet Academy's based there, as well as ACME from the Carmen Sandiego games. :P

  2. I spent several summers (and one winter) living and working in Yellowstone, have a wonderful summer!

    Just dropping by from A to Z. Happy blogging and happy travels!

  3. I love San Fran, but have never been able to spend *enough* time there. Guess that's the story of my life though!

  4. I will make sure to find Starfleet the ACME from Carmen Sandiego the same ACME that drops boxes of nails and bombs and whatnot on Wiley Coyote's head? Because then I would definitely have to find that place too. ha!

    I'm so excited to go to Yellowstone, working or not. Every time I talk to someone about it they just gush. *mini tribal dance*

    I've never been to northern California but I love adventures and haven't seen the beach in...well, it feels like years! I have a feelign four-ish days won't be *enough* for me either. :) If you think of any "Oh-my-God-she-just-has-to-go-here-and-do-this" type of things, let me know!

  5. I am on the other side of the country, but wishing you all the best on your journey! Hope its grand :-)

  6. Hello, Jes! I've never been to San Francisco. It sounds like you'll be having a fantastic time!! I love going somewhere new for the first time. There's so much inspiration and ideas for stories and characters!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

  7. I am dripping with envy right now. I've never been to California.