Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A to Z: "C" as in Call for Events

Howdy! I'm scrapping what I was going to put up for the letter "C" in favor of a much more exciting idea, I hope...

I'll post any and all writing-oriented upcoming events for the month of May (since April is already upon us, I'm skipping it) where I am now and in my home state--that I know of, at least.Will post by state first to keep it navigable.

Those of you who feel the urge upon you, comment below as a way of updating the list; I'm sure I'm missing some great events! But please be sure to include the State, City, Location (as in business or address), Title and Date.  That way everyone who swings by this page can get a feel for what's hip and happening or whatever it is people say.

As for me, here's what I know:

Boulder~  Laughing Goat Coffeehouse: "'So You Think You're a Poet' Reading Series" Monday nights
Colorado Springs ~Poor Richard's Bookstore:  "Writers Night." May 28
Denver ~ Tattered Cover:  Booksignings by various authors. May 1-3, 7-10, 21-25, 30 and 31
Englewood ~ Doubletree Hotel: "1001 Ways to Market Your Book." May 3

Kansas City ~ The Writers Place: "Riverfront Reading" May 4, May 11
                       Uptown Arts Bar:  "Blue Monday."  May 14
                       Johnson County Library: "Poetry Reading." May 15 <-------------- This is technically KS
                       The Writers Place: "Sunday Salon."  May 20
                       The Writers Place: "Workshop: Lessons from a Bestseller." May 24
                       The Writers Place: "Reading and Book Release."  May 25
                       The Writer Place: "Writers Place Salon."   (open mic) May 28
Saint Louis ~ Kirkwood Train Station: "Family Friendly Open Mic Night." May 8
                       Touhill Performing Arts Center: "St. Louis Storytelling Festival." May 3
                       Focal Point: "St. Louis Poetry Slam." May 17



  1. I have nothing from VA, but good luck with the post!
    Fellow A-Zer:

  2. Thanks so much, and hello!