Monday, January 30, 2012

Feeling Better, and Other Stuff...

I think I'm on the mend! Of course I still haven't been out and about much--went skiing the other day for a couple hours and it liked t'near kill me--but my brain (and almost my body too) can finally keep up with the world of the healthily-alive! Hooray!

In celebration of that (okay, not really, I was going to enter this year anyhow), I just entered myself into Arlee Bird's A to Z Challenge! It's a pretty simple concept: For the month of April, bloggers write one alphabetical post per day, save Sundays. Those same bloggers try and read a fair few of everyone else's alphabetical posts. Viola! Blog hop!  The signup just opened today, so for those of you interested in learning more or just going for it and entering, click here!

Since that's quite a ways off, I figure I better get in the habit ASAP. For the kind of things I'll likely be writing, stay tuned....


  1. Aww... sorry to hear you've been ill! Hope you get better soon...

    Yay! You signed up for the A-Z... way to go! I also signed up... looks like there's going to be a HUGE turn-out this year... some are predicting 3 000-5 000 bloggers... should be the blogfest to beat all other blogfests...

  2. Yay, glad you're feeling better!

  3. Hiya Mish! --Hey, I saw your interview the other day, fabulous! And yes, I shall be doing the A to Z this year rather than the poem-per-day thing. The turnout is blowing my mind; everywhere I look I see a badge or a post or an advert. Crazy! See you there!

    Thanks Michael! I think I thoroughly passed it on to a full gross of people. Maybe even a gross gross. Come to think of that, that gross gross opf people ought to be feeling pretty gross right now...errrr...alright, enough. Lol.