Friday, November 18, 2011

Update! Nano and otherwise

What's your word count, fellow NANO writers?
Anything badass happening with your novels?

As someone who writes and reads for bread and butter, 1,667 words per day, especially on a fairly well-planned novel, is not that bad. Right? Right. This being the undeniable truth, I set my goal for at least 2,000 words per day. Again, not that bad. Right? Right. So I changed my goal--again--and set it for 4,000 words per day on said novel. (On that vein, any of you set wild goals?)


Apparently my reliability breaking point is, like, 3,999 words. Because that 4,000? Yeah, I've only hit it like three or four times. And in the mean time I've totally slacked off all my other "fun" writing, like the stuff that goes on this blog.

Woopsie! I shall get back on track. Promise. Starting today. I've got it all planned out!

Of course I did manage to find the time to switch my blog look up again; it's kinda like rearranging furniture for me. So terribly satisfying, lol, and time consuming, and a fabulous way to keep from achieving my 4,000 word goal for the day. But I digress.

I still have about a dozen Chrysalis stories waiting to be written and finished, eek!  And I've got my Friday Fave post following this one. And I've discovered the rebel in me has a distinct propensity for beginning sentences with "and," even when there is no reason to do so.

Also, a note to other [seasoned] NANO participants: Is there some trick to getting old Nanomail pm's back? I've got a ton of much-needed research stashed in my pre-November mails and have contacted the tech peeps, who assured me the mail was all backed up and is on the way... though I've yet to see any. Anybody got any magical, sneaky tricks for getting it back? I realize that's a long shot, but I'm getting desperate!

That's all for now, but more is on the way!

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