Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Faves

Don't get me wrong; I love summer. I can sunbathe all day better than anyone, even a turtle, especially if there's some water around for swimming. There's warm suntea on back porches, and fantastic veggies in the garden, pretty cotton dresses, barbeques--all that, yes. No denying it.

But really, you know, I would not mind some snow right now.

Because snow is one of my favorite things. In. The. World.

I think I must have more northern blood in me than most of my family, since I'm the only one who really seems to enjoy ice storms and blizzards and staying outside so long my eyebrows get crusty, my cheeks pink and my lungs full and cold. Igloos and forts and snowball fights when I was a kid. Or going for a long [slow] night drive out in the prairies after an ice storm just to see the hills glitter like a still silver sea for miles in every direction under a low black sky thick with heavy snow clouds; when the wind blows across it the sound is a sharp thing that whistles. (Lot's of adjectives there, I know.) Everything becomes quiet. Everything takes a long dark rest.  Mmmm, hmm, I love snow. 

It's more psychological, snow, than the other elements I think. Snow and ice, I should say. I once was snowed in at a bar. How wonderful that was *laugh*. I worked there, and there were maybe five of us, I believe. We watched football all night, drinking hot toddies, waiting for the boss to call. Wasn't like we could go anywhere; the snow was too thick. When it rains--even when it rains hard, it's not as if you stay in. You go out, you get wet, you eventually dry. Same with when it's brutally hot--you go out, you sweat, you find an a.c. or water or somewhere good to swim, and you cool off. But snow and ice? Maybe you go out if it's in small proportions, but if it's a mean snow or a steady ice, you stay the eff put until it's safe, and that's that, or you can die. You rearrange your life for it. Makes me like it more, lol.

As it's July though, I fear I have a long way to go. It will get much hotter before it gets cooler, that's for sure. And I'm one of those women who fans herself and gets grumpy at 75 degrees unless I have a nice cold beer in my hand. Ahh, well.

Anyway, I'm going to try and find a picture from this winter's big blizzard and add it to this post.

Mmmm, snow. Say it with me: Snow....


  1. I like snow. . . I think I do. Right now I'm enjoying the sun though. At the rate summer is slipping by, I'm sure it'll be winter before we can blink.

  2. I love the sun too, but I suppose these heat waves were making me a bit cranky, lol. The bank thermometers in the little town south of here read 138 and 172 the other afternoon. inaccurate of course, but sure didn't feel like it!

    I realize I'm kinda crazy about snow. Do you get much where you live?

    OH! The blizzard pic, I almost forgot! *clicking to go find one*